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You are an agent in a organization responsable to cleanse the world of a curse that causes a world whide heat sincronization every 10 years.

This is a prototype for a deck builder horny. Inspired mainly by Slay the spire.
The main objective is to increase the pleasure and "finish off" the heat affected villagers.
This product contains explicit material, discrecion is adviced.

- Mouse or touch screen.

The current feature list are:
- An interactive tutorial with the lore.
- Customizable runs with initial settings.
- 5 encounter types: (Fight, Resting place, Event, Shop, Boss).
- 5 Possible Events.
- 67 Unique cards.
- 11 enemy types.

Neonhuo: As artist for the characters.
fluffy: As music and sfx producer.
- Hennico: As programmer and designer.

Join us, to chat and to see development in discord :D 

Please don't pay much atention to the rough interfaces...
The game is marked as prototype because it is unfinished.
Every feedback is apreciated.

Updated 2 days ago
StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsUnderwhelmers, fluffy, Neonhuo
GenreCard Game, Strategy
Made withGameMaker: Studio, Paint.net
TagsAdult, Erotic, Furry, horny, Lewd, NSFW, Roguelike
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial


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Personally I think this is one of the most fun card games I've played. As someone who doesn't care all to much how things look as long as their cute and functional I think the devs have truly done an amazing job!

If I were to complain about anything it would be that it gets slightly repetitive but so do most games. Also, to be fair it intimidated me when I first played the game but it gets pretty easy to learn pretty quickly!

If you are interested in this game but are iffy on if you really want to or not. Just go for it! It's a really fun game to at least play once and I'm sure you won't regret it!

Wow thanks for playing.

Your kind words are really appreciated <3


I really enjoyed this game, unpolished though it may be. 

I really liked how tge different classes of cards (breast, penis, generous, etc) were each built around specific game mechanics, rather than simply being a flavor swap.

There were a few small things that were largely issues with polish

  • Some text spill on certain enemy info screens
  • When there are a lot of enemies, it is sometimes difficult to target the correct one
  • Enemy desire levels are sometimes blocked by others
  • Some things are worded strangely or poorly explained (I’d be happy to go more in depth or offer examples if you like)
  • The final boss is hella easy, which cones down to action economy—it has one move per turn while the player gets several (including abilities such as charm or edge). He either needs minions or an opposing deck.
  • Animations would be sick, but damn there’d have to be a lot of them. Though honestly, just two images (one “game over” bad end image and one “you win” good end image) would go a long, long way.

Despite all that, I adore this game and I really look forward to seeing it develop. I’ll be happy to offer further feedback etc as long as you want it! Keep up the good work!! ^.^


May main problem with this game is I can't tell what's going on, honestly. Lots of symbols fly around but the enemy never plays cards as it were, I can't tell if it ended because I came, or... anything, really.


I'm sorry you had that experience.
Sadly we feature creeped the proyect and now have to wrestle with this issue.


Are you going to add art for each enemy seduction, like a little scene that pops up after you defeat them using the attack style of which you beat it with, or just a single scene if that sounds too complicated, it's just that while the game is interesting, it's oh so static and uneventful so far and i was just curious if that is to eventually change (also if there will be scenes will events have scenes too?)

With the current state of the team and resourses this sounds unlikely.

It's something in the tasklist tho.


I wish there was a save feature.. Even though this game is short, I feel like there should be a save feature, Also some things aren't explained well.. Like the "Decrement __ Desire" Should be "Remove ___ Desire" And the shop I feel should be explained more because I didn't really understand it at first either.. For new players it is hard to understand what some things mean..  But you will understand as you play the game

Despite this, I can't criticize this game TOO much because its file size is small, Easy to play, And mobile support is Godly for people who want to play this game on mobile

7/10 Design wise

8/10 Gameplay wise

5/10 for the tutorials

10/10 Controls (On mobile)

Would recommend especially for mobile players

I truly apreciate the detailed feedback.
We'll take this in account when we keep moving fordward. 

(1 edit) (+1)

If you need any help with any Ideas Let me know, I will always be willing to give you ideas ^^

New ideas are always  apreciated and taken in account to future developments.
You can hop into discord for a, more direct comunication.


Really promising and fun. Had some starting issues, but once I grasped a good strategy, I was unstoppable with in the end (6th or 7th boss) around 100+ cards. It's good the enemies scale up, but it's easy nonetheless. When I lost, mostly through overuse of ? events.
Which are fun but early stage, some pictures to the text would be great. And maybe some balancing. The ***spoiler card from event takes 100 pleasure to get, but it's really strong and in the end I had tons of them. The other event with the fight was more fun, but I guess when you have unlocked all deck types, you are kinda stuck with 2 possible events right now.

More Enemies would be great, having male specific bang cards is kinda a waste for only 1 type of enemy where it's applicable... (the rats die to soon, the hares are immune...) and a variety of bosses.

But the variety of cards is really good and fun to explore.

The shops are a bit odd, some elements are not as clear as others. (What exactly are those thingies I sell at the store, and why is it never enough for more deck space?)

The inventory in map is kinda messed up and it would be nice if you had an easy visible counter: deck xx/yy cards so you don't always need to scroll to the end of your cards to see whether you should take cards or an deck upgrade after the next battle.

That's all nitpicky and probaply sounds worse than intended. I really enjoyed this. I was looking for a nice lewd roguelike (/-lite) which is a hard find. You are definitely onto something.

Hi, thanks for the kind feedback.
Some of this issues are being addressed in the next update.

I am in a little hiatis because I'm with exams.
But you can find an early access to the unpolished changes in the discord linked.
Also if you have suggestions for cards or feel like some basic element is missing I'm more than willing to hear that. :D


I'll wait for the next update here then. Best of luck with your exams.


I'll keep my eye on this one, looks like its got a solid foundation, and a good game dev, can't wait to see what this becomes!


Thanks. We put a lot of effort in mixing the theme and the mechanics.
Next vertion will be huge in the design department and with core changes hopefully for the better.


the shop broke for Android version, the items in the shop can't be selected but the panties can, some interface or hitbox error?

i'll change it in the future because it is not clear.

Now you must make an offer before the buttons can be interacted.

(And probably just add the prices somewhere) xD


During the tutorial or first fight I can't get past the orgasm type. What's that about? The tutorial character just says that I don't have enough stamina, but trying to end my turn does nothing


We'll check on it.

That sounds like the events sequence broke.

The moment we find what went wrong, we'll update it.

(5 edits) (+2)

update looks good. time to try it out and edit this post later after giving it a good run

edit: the game overall plays beautifully. especially on android devices. the U.I can be a little small for android devices but the buttons work fine.

the game is interesting but a bit tough to understand at first. the stamina displayed can be a bit awkward to find at first. its neat but i reckon a dedicated, easy to see, bar at the top of the screen to show how much you got would help. it would also make it more recognisable for new players and would also help fill in some of the blank space on the screen too rather than the small icons above your character.

some of the UI numbers can be a tad hard to read, but it looks good anyways. i can understand whats what, its just hard to read the numbers exactly on android devices.

it feels kind of awkward on how to go about each fight. it might be better to reset all of your stats to default after each battle but make the battles more challenging as you go to make a nicer flow of difficulty rather than needing to recover during an already chaotic situation of each fight or needing to hope with RNG to reach a campfire. its not hard per-say but it really leaves it all to randomness currently sadly. i've gotten quite a few game overs early on due to this.

some ideas/things for later anyways

a way to go back to the start after a game over would be nice. i couldn't find any way to fix that so i had to close the app. with the android version anyways, will have to try on PC

the ability to go back to stores to spend your money that you earn rather than each store closing after you use it.

maybe an options menu for the music and maybe other features.

a dedicated male/male female/female mode and a classic mode, like what the game is currently would be a great addition, much later on after a few updates or so, so we can get well, a more tailored experience as well as the classic version for whatever we feel like... as a funky idea anyways. if it can't be made into a mode then a paid-for copy of the game with those specific ideas would be a good way to make a bit of money and be kinda nice at the same time! 

me personally, i prefer male/male but i do like how the game is anyways.

so far, so good, keep up the good work on it, its a good start to a new, good  game!


Thanks for the kind words and the interest in the proyect.

We'll take notes from this comment and add them to the pending tasks. Specially those related to the android port.


Interesting project, has a lot of potential. I'm looking forward to future releases.


Don't dread, we are working on it.


Got this crash: https://imgur.com/6lcDVuy on first button in the latest version

Also shower reduces “by halve” (should be either “X halves Y” or “X reduces Y by half”, I guess)


The bug is fixed the sintaxis will be.

The project will grow!


I been waiting to someone make a deck game of porn welp you did a great job dev


We were waiting too, until we got tired of waiting :P


I guess that’s the common reason for writing true indie games, LOL :D


That, and a unflenching desire to create <3
We are glad to have both.


This game is... surprisingly addicting. Really looking forward to how this turns out!


We are glad that we could appeal to your sensitivities.


A porno deck?! Bro I'm fucking down!


I see you have a fine taste.
I like this folk.


well no suprise your making soemthing so un bothered im prity shure your the only one whos thrown the 2 tags together being adult and deckbuilder and blea god i can bary look at my screen maybe think about using a darker theme for the night owls or late nighters who can only get a good chunk of self time at night im getting a tan here.


We'll meditate on this.
But Is something more down the road right now.


This prototype is pretty good so far!



The next alpha is already in dev.



I look forward to it! Don't over work yourself!


So wait, if they are all in heat and having unprotected sex, does that mean...


That's the crisis you are trying to stop. 



By...getting to them first?


The thing is that you should take them out of their heat without finishing (that's why finishing is game over). :)


Really fun game with a neat design. Here are some of my opinions after playing it.

The instruction needs to be more clear, I couldn't figure out how to put out a card for a while. And the explanation on how the games work needs to be more clear as well.

I think we can get a near full-screen effect in propriety with system boosted dpi.

The game is designed to have a specific deck of cards for players to use. But as an NSFW game, the player will desire to use other NSFW moves on the enemy (As you want to fxxk them in different ways), and the game wants to prevent the player from banging, which is a contradiction to an NSFW game, making it hard to enjoy. (But we don't have any animation anyway so maybe it's a minor thing)

Some of the effects contradict the game's code and crash the game for a few times.

If the game is meant to be more than 1 level, a Rest stop or a reduce pleasure effect is really needed


I'll keep this in mind, I have some builds based on different "banging styles" writen for the future. Maybe some new mechanic will add a scene. But in this state the cost is nightmarish if the intention is to add a scene for each banging card xD


That would turn into a very long-term project, we will see how it will be developed if there are enough fans to support this game.


Well, not so different from RPG games where you have to loose fights to get porn... or platformers where you have to fail facing a specific threats to unlock a corresponding porn scene.

NSFW => you want to loose
game => you want to win

Not digging those games with conflicting objectives either, just mentionning they exist. This one at least tries to offer a reason as to why you'd try to avoid fucking "ennemies" if i understand what you complain about.


This was one of our goals, it pleases us that it came across. BD


Hey! This game is actually very fun! I do have a few things to say.

  • When there are a lot of enemies, the enemy on the far right of the screen has a small portion of their healthbar obscured, meaning it's not possible to always know if they have enough desire to go down now, or if I'll need to increase it a bit more.
  • It'd be nice to have a "Give up" button somewhere since I ran into a checkmate scenario in one of my runs. (I hadn't technically lost, but I couldn't win either.)
  • An option to fullscreen the game, or at least change the size of the window, the game is really small on my 4K monitor.

I know the game is all about managing how much Pleasure you have, but since there are some cards that hint at strategies that involve deliberately increasing your own desire which leads to runaway pleasure, it'd be nice if there was a way to minimize or negate the amount of pleasure you get from banging. Maybe a card, maybe an effect, maybe something like a rest spot on the map? Just a suggestion.


Thanks. It means a lot that you enjoy it and that you took time to give feedback.

I'll consider this point in the development. Specially the give up (that could be fun) and adding other fun ways to reduce desire.


Hey, I just noticed something else weird, I just played a game where the lines on the map would change each time I entered the map again.


:| what a neat bug feature.


Mojang moment


°0° can we also get bought by Microsoft? XD